Where Does Our Food Come From

I don’t apperceive about you, but I am accepting actual nervous. I accept become acutely anxious about the foods I consume, i.e. accurately what’s in them and area they’re produced. To brainwash myself on this matter, I created some abstracts accumulating forms and set out to my bounded grocery abundance to apprehend diet labels of several accepted aliment items. I aboriginal advised candy foods and their akin of candy sugar, fat, sodium and additives which I couldn’t accent or apperceive what they were. I was not afraid to acquisition that abounding items in this accumulation independent top levels of candy sugar, fat and sodium, all above contributors to accretion waistlines, “Garbage in equals Garbage Out or Waist Out.” What afraid me admitting was added advice I discovered. I will altercate that analysis added down in this article.

Our waistlines are growing to huge accommodation from the toxins in our food. Ample waistlines agree to top cholesterol, top claret pressure, diabetes, acclamation and affection attacks. Are we accepting berserk to accumulate the biologic companies and healthcare industry in business? It seems like we’re in a abandoned cycle, i. e. eat, get sick, go to the doctors, get medicine, repeat. I feel like a hamster active on the spinning caster of life. Besides what’s in our food, I begin some advice that was even added alarming to me. Examining the hamburger in the beginning meat aisle, in baby belletrist on the aliment label, the hamburger declared that it was a artefact of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

I anticipation I was traveling to aside or vomit. Does that beggarly my hamburger is composed of physique locations from assorted beasts of assorted countries all arena together? What baffled me even added was why we are accepting hamburger alfresco the U. S. I reside in CA and I accept apparent the farms with all these cows. What is accident to these cows? Are these beasts carefully acclimated for milk? What about the macho cows? Has the United States run out of beef for our population?

Upon added inspection, I begin that some Apple Juice came from China and some Orange Juice came from Brazil. I accept apparent fruits and vegetables from Chile and Peru. And added meat articles appear from Mexico. Living in a accompaniment that grows these foods year annular and has ample farms that raises livestock leads me to accept that we accept a aliment accumulation shortage. Do you see why I am nervous?

I did an internet seek to see area the U. S. receives its aliment supply. I came up abandoned handed. I could not acquisition any advice that provided a breakdown by aliment accumulation or any advice period. If we accept a aliment accumulation shortage, why are we absolution added immigrants into the country not to acknowledgment the illegals? Who is accomplishing our all-important approaching aliment accumulation adding based on our advance rate? And if we move all our aliment assembly to adopted lands, what happens if we are no best on affable agreement with that country? Do we starve? What about the pesticides and fertilizers accepting acclimated to abound their produce? Or what is accepting fed to their animals? Cleanliness? If we can’t ascendancy what is accident in the United States with our Eggs, Peanuts, Beef, etc., who is to say what is occurring in these countries. I don’t apperceive about you, but I wish to apperceive area all my aliment is advancing from, why and what’s in it? How beginning can meat be if alien that distance? Area do restaurants get their aliment supply? Scary!!! If anyone has any answers, comments or is afraid too, email me. Thank You. Kathryn Alexander,